Why Should I Use Facebook Advertising?

If you still haven’t taken the plunge and you’re unsure about using Facebook advertising to boost your business, here are a few pretty good reasons:

  • More than 1 billion people use Facebook – that’s one hell of a potential audience!

  • You can now target over 100 million Instagram users.

  • It’s a great way to increase brand exposure and web traffic as well as generating leads and sales.

  • The slow death of organic reach on Facebook means that paid ads are the way to go.

  • You don’t need a huge budget and you can set this accordingly.

  • Targeting within Facebook advertising is a very powerful tool that helps you reach your chosen audience. When done properly, careful targeting can increase your relevancy score and considerably reduce the cost of your ads.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Navigate to Ads Manager and simply click on the green “Create” button to get started with your first social media campaign. Now you’re all set to go.

Create new facebook campaign button

What Do You Want to Achieve with Facebook Advertising?

Before you start, you need to consider what you want to achieve with your Facebook ad. There are many benefits to social media marketing so you need to start by choosing from several objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, web traffic, sales and conversions.

Objectives for Facebook ad

Who Do You Want to Target?

This is one of the most important parts of setting up your ad and lets you target a specific audience based on location, age and gender. As you begin to select your audience, you will see on the right hand side the estimated reach of your ad. The narrower you target, the more relevant your traffic will become, meaning you’ll gain more clicks and conversions.

Audiences and targeting in Facebook ads

Detailed Targeting

What’s so great about detailed targeting is the opportunity to reach your audience based on demographics, interests and behaviours. You can even target people who have shown an interest in your competitors!

Detailed Targeting in Facebook ads

Where Do You Want Your Facebook Ads to Appear?

Placements lets you choose where you want your ad to be seen, and you now have the option for automatic placements on Instagram Stories as well as Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network.

Selecting Placements in ads

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to run an ad and you can set your own daily or lifetime budget to suit. You can also choose when you want your ad to be shown by either setting a start and end date or running it continuously.

Setting your Budget and scheduling facebook ads

Optimisation and Bid Strategy

Whether you want your ad to be optimised for link clicks, page views, impressions or unique reach, you can choose the most appropriate strategy.

Optimisation and Bid Strategy

How Do You Want Your Ad to Look?

This is where your ad really starts to take shape and you can control its overall appearance.

Formatting ads

Facebook will even recommend the best specifications for your images or videos.

Adding images and videos to Facebook ads

Adding Links and Previewing Your Ad

In this section you can direct your audience to the most relevant page when they click on your ad. You can also insert content that you want to appear for the headline, product information and call to action. The preview on the right hand side lets you see how your ad will look on different platforms.

Adding links and previewing your ad

Advanced Options

Set your display link – this is what your audience will see and it can be different to the landing page link inserted above, however, it won’t affect where your visitors will land when they click. The news feed link description allows you to add more information about your product or page. URL parameters and conversion tracking can be really useful if you want to track the performance and effectiveness of your ads in Analytics.

Choosing Advanced options

Are You Ready to Publish Your Facebook Ad?

Before you confirm your order, make sure you review your ad just to give it the final once over and check for any mistakes. As soon as you are happy with everything, just click on confirm and your ad will go into review. The review process is usually quite quick and approved within 24 hours.

Good luck!

If you’re looking for a social media marketing agency and would like help creating your social media strategy or would like to know more about Facebook advertising, get in touch.

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