We can’t stress enough the importance of creating a dynamic, content marketing strategy when you’re setting up your business. It’s essential that you hire the best freelance copywriters and employ the best content marketing services from a professional online marketing agency. Not only do you want to grab the attention of your customers from the word go, you also need to ensure your online marketing content is optimised for the search engines.

Is the tone of voice right for your brand? Is the content engaging and accurate? Does the copy get to the crux of your company and deliver everything you need to meet your end goals?

Whether the content appears on your website or offline in promotional material, your freelance content writer needs to fully understand your brief and what you’re aiming to achieve.

This is where our freelance copywriting services and content management come in. Not only do we get to know our clients and their business beforehand, we undertake in-depth research that enables us to create an insightful content strategy.

Take a look at some of our work.

SEO Marketing & Copywriting Services

With years of experience in creating in-depth content strategies across multiple websites, we understand as a content marketing agency how time consuming it is to get things right, which is why we provide the best SEO and freelance copywriters in Lancashire and the North West. From competitor analysis and extensive keyword research to realising potential gaps in the market, we have successfully achieved page one rankings for countless search terms that ultimately drive traffic to websites.

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Print Media

Regardless of the ever-increasing world of online marketing, print media is still a heavily relied upon source of marketing, with magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers and other promotional material still playing a huge role in reaching those much-needed consumers that make your business a success. If you’re struggling with a catchy headline or advertising slogan, or would like a well-written article that isn’t going to take you a lifetime to write, this is where our professional copywriting services come in useful.

Social Media

While millions of business owners use social media as a means of reaching out to potential customers across the globe, not everyone has completely grasped its incredible marketing power. There are so many platforms out there these days that it can be difficult to know where to start. By understanding your business, we can help you select the right platform and create campaigns that will leverage online content and drive traffic to your website.

Content Writing Services

Content Strategy

SEO content writing services

Creative content writing

Keyword Research

Promotional content – flyers, brochures, taglines, direct mail, magazines, TV and radio ads.

Editorial and proof reading services

Email marketing and newsletters

Blog writing services

Press releases and article writing services

CV writing services

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